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The Polytex system provides a comprehensive solution for dispensing, retrieval, and management of textiles including uniforms, OR scrubs, towels and more. The system is based on a unique textile distribution method, developed and patented by Polytex Technologies, a leading company with many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the textile industry.
The Polytex system provides

real time information

and detailed reports about inventory status, consumption, and the condition of the system itself. It effectively tracks usage and prevents losses through designated distribution of items using advanced textile identification technology.
The effective and efficient distributive capacity of the Polytex system eliminates the need for personally allocated items,

saving over 40% of textile inventory costs.

The system provides around-the-clock availability of services, supplying clean and ready-to-use folded items.
The Polytex system

decreases handling of textiles by staff and reduces storage space requirements.

Cintas uses Polytex for their Scrub Rental Program
New Models: Polytex launches new models of Dispensing and Return units - check out our online catalog
Polytex is searching for distributors for various territories around the globe - contact us for more details
Existing Clients
Intel - IDC
Controlled distribution of Anti-Static ESD Smock Jackets
Assaf Harofe Medical Center
Polytex clients - Assaf Harofe Medical Center
Controlled distribution of personnel garments
TLV University Sports Center
Polytex clients - TLV University Sports Center
Controlled distribution of towels
Hadassah Medical Center
Polytex clients - Hadassah Medical Center
Controlled distribution of opertaing room garments
Zeusport Gym
Polytex clients - Zeusport Gym
Controlled distribution of towels
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